Have Medieval Fantasy TV Shows Freed Men’s Hairstyles?

Have Medieval Fantasy TV Shows Freed Men’s Hairstyles?


Not too long ago, there were very few hairstyles that were appropriate for grown men.

Sure, when you were an adolescent or college student, you could do the dyed-purple hair with spikes look… but when you hit real adulthood, you had two options as a man:

  • You were a clean-cut, respectable man with a respectable haircut.
  • You were a hippy, goth or punk rebel with a “weird” haircut.

If you take a walk through a city centre today, you’ll see that there are many options. We believe that one of the causes of this is something unexpected… the medieval fantasy TV show trend.

The Game Of Thrones Effect

Amongst medieval fantasy shows, there’s one that has to be mentioned: Game of Thrones. You’ve all heard of this show, so we won’t go through the plot or anything.

We will talk about the hairstyles.

It’s medieval fantasy, so the first thing that needs mentioning is that there are beards aplenty. Whilst you might think that this is unrelated to hair styles for men in general, but a beard completely changes the aesthetics of a face.

Among these changes include the fact a prominent beard will enhance a jawline, giving a masculine effect. This in turn leads to more hairstyles being available for men. For instance, longer hair which requires a best pomade for thin hair – which can be feminine – looks exactly the opposite on a bearded man.

Speaking of which, another hallmark of medieval fantasy is longer hairstyles for men. As we mentioned in the introduction, previously there have been two categories of men’s hairstyles: Alternative and mainstream. Long hair has always been in the “alternative” category and reserved for heavy metal fans, hippies and other anti-authoritarians. Until now.

The good news isn’t just for guys with long hair. In fact, something striking about the Game of Thrones series is how hairstyles are becoming more inclusive on the exact opposite end of the scale.

Recently, for men who are naturally balding, there have been two options: try and conceal your hair loss or shave your head.

Something that’s prominent in medieval fantasy television shows is the fact that men with all kinds of hair lengths – including receding hairlines – can wear their hair longer. This means that for the first time in decades, it’s socially acceptable for a balding man to wear his hair longer.

The Vikings Saga

Another huge medieval fantasy series is the History Channel’s historic series, The Vikings. Whereas Game of Thrones takes a high-brow approach to style with its sleek costumes and luxurious sets. Vikings is the complete opposite. It is raw and evokes the feeling of actual medieval Europe.

With this, the hairstyles are even more extreme. Shaved heads with long beards. Braids. Top knots and man buns with shaved sides. These things are all being seen on the high street, culminating in the most varied set of hairstyles for men that we’ve seen in many years – possibly ever.

In conclusion, we’re suggesting that the newest temporary trend in television offerings seems to be having a measured (and possibly permanent) effect on the expansion of men’s hairstyles!

A guide to buying nursing shoes

Nurses spend their days strolling or standing on a tough floor that wreaks havoc on their feet as good as their knees, hips and again. Heel soreness, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, knee pain, hip discomfort, low back suffering and plenty of other aches and pains are fairly customary among this tough-working group.


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Your choice of nurses’ shoes can make the change between having an excellent or bad experience, working in alleviation or suffering and, most importantly, whether you stay healthful or get injured. There rather isn’t any single “fine shoe,” as each person has somewhat distinctive needs.

Persons mainly question me what company of shoe I advocate. There is no one excellent brand. You simply ought to make sure you to find the product that’s the first-rate shoe for you.

When is it time to get new footwear?

Sneakers should be modified every 500 miles or 800 kilometers. For a doctor working forty hours per week on her feet, this equates to about a couple of instances a year (each six months). People who find themselves heavier or who’re suffering from anguish or damage might need to trade their shoes much more in most cases (every three or four months).


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