People are very attracted to those cars that have good tinted windows. It will give a pleasing look to many drivers and even to most of the people who can see it. People will not be seeing you inside of the car and of course it adds more security as the thieves can’t see if someone is inside or none. After waiting for a couple of hours you can use it and show to others how good your car is looking at this moment as the vehicle wraps denver did very well in the installation and giving care not to make any mistakes and scratches to your car.  


Some of the car owners are brave enough to put this one on their own. By doing this on their own, they need to watch some helpful and useful videos on how to install it. They need to pay attention to the step by step process and of course the do’s and don’ts’s of it. They can read some procedure guideline given by the box instructions after they purchased the film item. It needs enough time and effort to finish this one very well. One simple and even little mistake in applying this thin film could lead to serious problem and trouble to you. If you can’t do it in the right way, it will give you a result of peeling it immediately, or there’s bubble inside and it would result to a not so good view to your car. There are some ways that you can do right now to fix it as soon as possible.  

  1. If you let someone or a professional person did it for you, then check for the warranty period and rules. If the time and the scenario is still under the coverage of the warranty, then that is a good thing as you can return it to them and let them fix it or replace it.  
  2. If you have done it by yourself then you have two possible options now. You may want to fix it by yourself by looking for some solutions online and follow it or reaching and looking for some professional or expert people to do it and replace it.  
  3. Remember to do the tinting (if you are doing it on your own) during a sunny weather. It would be easier to get dry and it will stick better. If it is a rainy day, then you may use your hair dryer to get them dry quicker.  
  4. In removing the bubbles there, you may use a car or any straight object that you can push to the bubbles that is inside of the film.  
  5. If you are planning to remove all the tinted film to your glass window. Then you need to cover your car first with a plastic that is big enough to cover the part around the glass window. Spray some ammonia chemical to the window and then wait for at least an hour and then start to peel off the film. Wipe the window with water and clean cloth.